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  Microsoft and AppSense Webinar -  Simplifying migration from Windows XP

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In this webinar Microsoft talks about one of today’s most challenging IT projects and explains how AppSense’s innovative and proven approach, User Virtualization, can overcome the challenges of Desktop Migration. AppSense does this by managing all of the user-specific elements of a Windows 7 migration process, as well as providing an alternative approach to managing the user.

Watch this Microsoft Webinar and learn how AppSense can help you:

  • Quickly and easily migrate to Windows 7 with no impact to the user experience                      
  • Deliver Windows 7 to your desktops for a third of the cost                                                              
  • Standardize your Windows 7 desktops to lower ongoing IT costs while providing users with a fully personalized experience
  • Live demonstration – migrating from Windows XP to Windows 7 and then to Windows 8

Gary McAllister, AppSense, PreSales Consultant                                                               
Jason Southern, AppSense, Director of Alliances                                                                          
Antony Austin, Microsoft, Desktop Solution Specialist

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